Bringing unique materials into your home is a beautiful way to significantly increase your home’s appeal. If you’re looking to sell your home in the near future, using creativity and a one-of-a-kind appeal, these unique materials can give your home a way to stand out from the competition. A few unique home materials we love for use in the interior of the home are:

  • Woven resin

    Woven resin was once only considered a commercial interior design material, but it’s become increasingly popular in residential homes in recent years. A woven resin wall or structure in your home, with lighting installed behind it, creates an amazing sort of texture that will make your home pop. For an accent wall or a way to bring subtle light into the room, woven resin is a beautiful option.

  • Faux leather

    Faux leather isn’t just for fashion anymore! Using faux leather to cover interior surfaces like walls or cabinetry is another unique home material that helps to infuse a bit of texture into your space. Faux leather is soft and comes in a plethora of different colors, so have fun and explore the many options for using this material to ramp up your space.

  • Cut sheet metal

    Laser cut sheet metal used on staircases or accent walls is a new and different way to use the metal look in your home. This interior material allows you a lot of versatility for tapping into the stainless steel trend that has taken over in recent years. With cut sheet metal, you can take this style trend and place it anywhere and in any room in your home.

  • Woven vinyl

    The appeal of vinyl flooring is that it’s sturdy, long lasting, and easy to clean. Woven vinyl is bringing vinyl flooring into the 21st century. Woven vinyl is vinyl flooring with a woven texture, almost giving it a carpeted look, it is also much sturdier and as simple to clean as vinyl flooring. Woven vinyl is available in all sorts of designs and colors, so you still have the versatility that vinyl has to offer.

  • Colorful laminated glass

    Laminated glass is comprised of two pressed sheets of glass with material sandwiched in the middle. It can be used in tables, doorways, showers, or really anywhere in the home where you want to add an interesting pop of color or create a conversation piece.

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