1. Before an open house, share your listing through your own social media accounts. The more exposure, the better!
  2. Remove your cars from the driveway.
  3. Take your pets to another location during the open house. Make sure your home shows no signs that pets live there.
  4. Paint the exterior of your house if it looks worse for wear.
  5. Make sure the house numbers are clearly visible. If they aren’t, paint them or replace them.
  6. Powerwash the driveway or sidewalks if they need to be cleaned.
  7. Deep clean your home. In fact, you may consider hiring a professional cleaning service.
  8. In particular, do not forget about windows and floors. These should be spotless.
  9. Stage your home! Whether with small, inexpensive touches or a full effort, home staging can sell your home for more money and faster too.
  10. Update your lighting to higher wattage bulbs or softer ones depending on the ambience of the room.
  11. Make sure the master bedroom is gender-neutral in design.
  12. Hide toiletries in the bathrooms and put out nice towels and soap.
  13. Rearrange or perhaps consider getting rid of some furniture, to make your home feel more spacious and look more appealing,
  14. Declutter. Remove unneeded stuff and show off closet and storage space. Make sure drawers are organized and neat too.
  15. Take down personal photos and any quirky home design.
  16. Open up blinds and curtains. Take advantage of the natural light in your home!
  17. Keep the home at a comfortable temperature.
  18. Consider placing greenery or flowers in your home. But don’t overdo it.
  19. Remove or lock up any valuable belongings.
  20. Leave the property during an open house. When a homeowner hangs around, it can put off potential buyers.

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